méta, is a collaborative project by Kanella Arapoglou and Manos Chatzikonstantis.

Kanella Arapoglou

www.kanella.com // info@kanella.com

Manos Chatzikonstantis

www.manosch.net // mail@manosch.net

The two creators worked independently from one another, utilising their respective artistic tools. The outcome is a series of photographic works themed around transition, the nature of time and personal memory.

Kanella Arapoglou has encompassed embroidery into her visual language, using traditional techniques, with unexpected and subversive results that question stereotypes. Manos Chatzikonstantis employs photography on a personal level by attempting to understand and map memories and imperceptible occurrences.

Their collaboration began through Kanella’s idea to creatively intervene in the leaves, untimely falling off one of her plants. These ephemeral works acted as a trigger to Manos, who, observing them over time, recorded their transition to a subsequent state. This exchange, the dialogue between the two artists that resulted in their collective works, manifested a meta-collaboration of sorts, an amalgam of techniques.